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Welcome to my site. My name is Kevin Golding and I have been using ozone therapies on myself and friends/family since 1995. I had a chronic migraine, that literally never ceased, for nearly three years. I initially went to allopathic doctors multiple times without any luck. After thorough research I discovered a great volume of scientific studies and numerous people using ozone therapy. And after endless hours of research and doing ozone myself, ozone just started to make sense, a-lot of sense.

This site is my attempt to bring all the loose factions of information about medical ozone together onto one easy to use site without any catch. I sell nothing relative to ozone therapy and am not associated to anyone who does. My site, in addition to the many scientific informations, is a practical reference for anyone doing ozone therapy. It has most of the relative information that has been posted on message boards concerning the practicalities of using ozone therapy in our day to day lives. I have read multiple times of patients doing rectal/vaginal insufflations at the very high flow rate of 1/8 l/m and then having bad cramps, etc. This site is an excellent resource for those who have medical ozone machines but who didn't buy them from a company that has a solid support department.

I used various ozone protocols to cure my migraine, as well as diet, exercise, and certain supplements. The ozone therapies I employed were ear and rectal insufflations, body bagging with a space suit looking body bag, and drinking ozonated water. The first few months were a bit rigorous with increasing headaches, nausea and deep boils that would protrude in the buttocks depending mainly on the length of the ozone treatments, and how many treatments I had done recently. After less than a year of fairly steady treatments of between 3-4 differing ozone treatments per week, my headaches began to fade, my reactions to the treatments were diminished and I began to feel like a rock star... woohoo. I still use ozone today on and off for maintenance.

I use Ozonated Olive Oil for many topical skin issues including, athletes foot, as an after shave (and yes my skin is looking pretty good), after sun burns, poison oak, acne, and about any rash that may manifest. I have been consistently drinking 6-8 glasses of Ozonated water a day for about 2 months now. One thing I have noticed is that making love is now more sensitive. Also, my wife and I have both noticed a significant increase in erection strength. We are very pleased.
I would really appreciate additional information, especially testimonies, abstracts and ozone practitioners' office sites. All practitioners are welcome to e-mail me their information, including descriptions, and I will post it. Everybody is welcome to link to this site.

Cheers and happy ozonating! :^)

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