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Assesment Of Therapeutical Effect Of Ozone And Trental In Patients With Neurocirculatory Dystonia Associated By Syndrome Of Venous Hypertension

V. A. Shihragimov and S. P. Peretyagin.

Russian Association of Ozonetherapy, Nizhny Novgorod, Nardkola, Russia.

The aim of this work was to investigate the efficiency of ozone and Trental in patients with neurocirculatory dystonia associated by syndrome of venous hypertension. The investigation included 3 groups of patients. The patients of I-control group (n = 14) were treated with traditional medicines. The patients of II-main group (n = 27) received Trental in different doses, and the patients of III-main group (n=20) intravenous infusions of ozonated saline solution (0,9 % physiological NaCl solution) with an ozone concentration of 1600 mcg/L. The results obtained in the three groups showed the absolute therapeutical advantage of Trental and ozonated saline infusions in the treatment of the syndrome of venous hypertension. In the main groups, a significant decrease in the venous pressure was achieved mainly because of the normalization in the erythrocyte deformability values (the best value using ozone). The total microcirculation index was decreased, as well as the vascular index. The clearence Xe133 had a tendency to improve. Blood viscosity and hematokrit were decreased too. The results obtained demonstrate the advantages in the flow properties of blood, microcirculation and peripheral blood flow in patients with venous hypertension, using Trental or ozone, in comparison with traditional treatments.

Source: 3rd International Symposia on Ozone Applications, June 2000.

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