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What Exactly Are The Toxins That Come Out of My Skin

Message: 2
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 10:08:51 -0000
From: "Ole Jensen"
Subject: what exactly are the toxins that come out of my skin?

I have been taking oxymune and oxygen elements plus for about 6 months, and drinking ozonated water. Recently I developed a significant rash on my legs and decided to see if bagging with ozone would help. It got worse. I read some more about detoxifications and found that the rash is probably the result of the detoxification process where the skin eliminates toxins directly out of the skin because it can't get out fast enough any other way. I was prepared to continue with the discomfort, but my wife became concerned that it was more than detoxification (she does not believe in alternatives to standard medical treatment). I went to talk to my doctor, prepared for his negative reaction to my use of alternative medecine. He asked one question which I could not answer and have been unable to find an answer to.

What exactly are the "toxins" that are coming out of my skin?

Can anyone answer that with reference to a report by an "unbiased" research facility (one that does not profit by the results of the report).

Is there some way that I can determine what toxins are being pushed out of my skin?

By the way, the more localized ozone I applied (by bagging) the more "stuff" came out of the rash on my skin, so I am certain that there is some relationship between the ozone and the secretions.

thanks for your help,
Ole Jensen.

Dear Ole,

An allopath has no training regarding toxins, so he knows not of what he speaks. Similarly, they have no training in nutrition, which cripples their effectiveness.

'Toxins' is a broad term that applies to a whole host of things, among them:

carbon monoxide
vaccination debris
pharmaceuticals of various types
THMs and free chlorine
nitrosamines (smoked meats)
nitrogen dioxide
X - rays
trans fatty acids and rancid oils
heavy metals : aluminum, cadmium, cesium, cobalt, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, plutonium, strontium

These have external sources.

In addition, there are internal sources for toxins as well:

carbon monoxide
candida (outside the gut)
macromolecules (undigested food)
overage cells, cell debris
homocysteine (intermediate between methionine and glutathione)
adrenaline (when in excess)
lactic acid (when in excess)
ammonia (when in excess)
histamine (when in excess)

These can all be lumped together under the heading of toxins. I don't know of any testing that has been done by independent laboratories, but various people over the years have had testing done, with results that show ear discharge is very alkaline, which accounts for its famous 'burn' on the pinnea.

As you have discovered, the amount of material ejected by the body is in direct proportion to the amount of ozone used, reinforcing the idea that toxins are being oxidized and excreted.

Best of Health!
Dr. Saul Pressman

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