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What is Homozon?

From: "Saul Pressman"
Date: Wed Jan 2, 2002 8:39 pm
Subject: Re: [ozonetherapy] Homozon

Dear Diana,

Here is the information on Homozon from my book "The Owner's Manual for the Human Body":


In 1898, magnesium was bonded to ozone in a catalytic process to form magnesium peroxide in a product called Haemozon by Dr. Eugene Blass. Later the name was modified to Homozon. It is an oral product, mixed in water, then followed by lemon juice, or other acidic juice, to 'fire' the oxygen and allows its release.

The magnesium molecules form a loose lattice onto which oxygen is bonded. When the acidic juice contacts it, large amounts of singlet oxygen are released. This singlet oxygen is oxygen in its most active and available state, and this is the only state which the body uses oxygen.

Homozon is an excellent way to flood the body with oxygen. Flooding the body with oxygen enhances health in so many ways, reducing its habitability to viruses and bacteria, aiding greatly in the elimination of waste and toxicity, and providing enhanced alertness and vigor.

Oxygen therapies are effective because oxygen availability and metabolism are such basic requirements of animal life, such limiting factors to healthy life, and illness so inversely related to oxygen levels in the body. Properly administered oxygen therapies have no harmful side effects.

Homozon has a strong laxative effect. The stool is always loose and bowel movement regular, and depending on dosage, frequent. This is a very desirable effect, as most toxicity is eliminated through the bowel. Yet Homozon lacks the habit-forming or bowel-weakening effects of some laxatives.

Homozon is a therapy it is hard to overdose on. Just a teaspoonful a day will bring noticeable results, but sometimes much more is indicated when treating a specific health condition. Cancer patients might take up to 30 teaspoons a day.

Homozon is more stable than hydrogen peroxide, easier to handle, and has a long shelf life if kept dry. Taken in illness, it facilitates healing. Taken in health, it works to preserve health."

Best of Health!
Dr. Saul Pressman, DCh, LTOH

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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 11:41:08 -0700
From: Jim Lambert jlambert@...
Subject: Re: Homozon question


You can take Homozon 30 minutes before a meal & 2 1/2 hours after. This timing creates an empty stomach. Anything that does not pass stomach acid well, such as acidophilus, needs to be taken on the same schedule. Same if they say "take on an empty stomach."

jim :)

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