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How long will a typical 675 liter oxygen tank last?

From: "Saul Pressman"
Date: Fri Feb 6, 2004 7:26 pm
Subject: RE: [oxyplus] Re: More questions

Dear Gail,

Here is the math:

Tank holds 675 liters.

Insufflation : 1/32 l/m x 32 minutes = 1 liter per session Water ozonating: 1/8 l/m x 8 minutes = 1 liter per glass If you do one insufflation and two glasses of water per day, you will use 3 liters per day. That would last 675 / 3 = 225 days In practice, you always use more than that, and you can not empty the tank to zero, or they will charge you another $25 for "purging" the tank, so in the real world this usually only lasts half as long. That is still over 3 months.

Funneling in the sauna : 1/8 l/m x 32 minutes = 4 liters No funnel, filling the sauna : 1/2 l/m x 30 minutes = 15 liters Water ozonating: 1/8 l/m x 8 minutes = 1 liter So two glasses of water, and a sauna without the funnel would use 16 liters daily. That would last 42 days nominally, but probably less than a month of real world use.

Of course, if there are two people using the equipment, the length of time would halve.

Best of health!
Dr. Saul Pressman

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