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Perspective of long term Ozone user's opinion about what is the best Ozone machine

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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 01:52:53 -0500
From: Jack Whitley jawlaw@...
Subject: Best ozone machine

Dear Dennis,

In 1995, I bought a simple machine from O3Tech in Miami. I later heard he went out of business. The unit eventually burned out. Later, I bought a unit from Den at Yanco Industries/ Ozone Services.

I like the Plasmafire because it is solid and durable, the casing allows it to be moved around without danger of breaking anything. The Beta unit is pre-set at the optimum ozone level for healing, so there are no knobs or dials. Just an on and off switch. Oxygen in and ozone out.

With the Yanco machine, I had to mount the machine on the wall, turn on the switch first, then dial the level 1-10, and set a corresponding level of oxygen. It was always an approximation of trying to get the optimum ozone level that Plasmafire has preset. Plus, the Yanco unit made an irritating buzzing sound; the sound goes up as you turn the dial up. It made ozone, but it didn't grab me. It was very metallic, a metal case. It's sort of like the difference between the PC and the Mac in the computer world; they're both just computers. However, PC people like their machines; Mac people love theirs. I feel the same way about my beta unit. Itıs simple and it works; it keeps on and on.

Plus, I like the idea that if I have a question or an issue, a very knowledgeable person about ozone, who made my machine, stands behind it and will respond to me in a timely way. Character has value.


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