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Ozone Vaginal Insufflation

Vaginal insufflation is used for problems of the female reproductive area. This method is also used where heat in contraindicated, as it is a valid method of introducing ozone for the whole body. This method is not at all intrusive, the practitioner does not need to stay in the room while the insufflation takes place, and the patient does not experience discomfort except for an occasional initial oxidation effect. This method is used to help female problems of all kinds - from endometriosis to thrush.

Ozonating the Lymph

Women have an advantage, in that vaginal insufflation requires no preparation, and can be administered for very long periods of time, hours in fact. The gas will usually find its way into the uterus, out the Fallopian tubes, and then into the abdominal cavity. Liver problems and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) can be addressed in this way. This is also a good way of getting ozone into the lymph system. For men, cleaning the lymph system is not as easy, and requires use of a body suit or a steam cabinet. The body suit is a less that popular aesthetic experience. The ozone sauna steam cabinet, however, is a pleasurable experience. Because of the moist heat, the pores are open, and the capillaries are dilated. The ozone enters and oxidizes toxins in the fat, the lymph and the blood. The skin is the largest organ of elimination. The person sweats the oxidized toxins back out, avoiding the dump of toxins to the liver and colon which can bring on the symptoms of toxic shock overload. Instead, the person emerges from the steam cabinet feeling extremely relaxed and mellow, and ready for bed. This is an ideal way of counteracting the stress of the day.

Vaginal Insufflation

Vaginal insufflation is used for any vaginal, uterine, ovarian or lower abdominal problem, including pelvic inflammatory diseases, fibroids, etc. The ozone will enter the lymph system from vaginal insufflation, as well as the blood stream.

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