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What is the Difference Between Drinking Water with H2O2 Drops and Ozonated Water?

From: "Saul Pressman"
Date: Wed Mar 28, 2001 7:26 am
Subject: Re: [ozonetherapy] H2O2 and Ozonated water

Dear Stephen,

H2O2 35% will not freeze in your freezer. Only the water in it will freeze. It is one way of checking to see if someone is selling less than 35%.

H2O2 will break to H2O and O1, but it will also break to H+ and OH- and O1. The H+ is acidic. pH means potential of hydrogen. H+ is the hydrogen potential being measured. Therefore, the acid level of the stomach can increase, producing nausea, and also less gastric juice (mostly HCl, hydrochloric acid) will be produced.

Ozonated water only ever gives you H2O plus O1, so it never has the nauseating effect, and the taste is much better.

I drink two glasses of ozonated water first thing in the morning. At bedtime I sometimes drink two more. Once or twice a week I have a 25 minute ozone sauna. The ozone saunas really tune me up, but I think mental clarity is greatly enhanced with those two glasses of ozonated water in the morning. Clears away the cobwebs.

A fast with ozonated water would be powerful. I have done fasts, even 40 days once, but not with ozonated water.

Best of Health!
Dr. Saul Pressman, DCh, LOH

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