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Dentist Richard Morrison posts results on patients' progress

From: "Richard Morrison" richard@...
Date: Wed Oct 9, 2002 2:06 pm
Subject: results post .......

Hi all ,

Just a quick post here to let you all know my recorded results so far . I have not had any of the problems mentioned in recent posts . I think some problems may be arising from a failure of ozone delivery to the carious lesion . It is imperative that a wide seal is achieved around the area of decay and I always use the largest cup possible and cover both the lesion and the surrounding area to ensure delivery to where it is required .

Total carious lesions treated ( to 20/09/02 ) : 187
Total reviewed @ 20/09/02 : 87
Total lesions remineralised @ 3/12 recall : 70
Total lesions static @ 3/12 recall : 16
Total lesions still active @ 3/12 recall : 1
Total treated for dentine sensitivity : 21 with 100% success

Diagnostic criteria met by using the CSI ( Ed and Julian ) , plus i/o imaging / digital enhancement .

The active lesion was an interproximal cavity where I was unsure that I had achieved an adequate ozone exposure . Plus - I have been treating some VERY large cavities ( originally with 40 secs O3 ) , all very successfully , in fact I reviewed one today that on initial presentation 6 months ago was verging on exposure ( UL6 , 13 year old patient ) . This cavity is now virtually fully hard on probing and has been totally asymptomatic since the start - it originally involved 1/3 to 1/2 of the tooth . I had treated on first presentation with 10 secs O3 , on review at 3/12 I gave a further 40 secs O3 , and on todays review I decided on a further 40 secs O3 . I anticipate that at next review ( 6 weeks time ) I will be able to restore this tooth , without amputation of tissue . Without ozone we would probably have decided on extraction or RCT , not the best of options for a 13 year old . As it is she now has a very sound tooth , patient , parents and dentist all delighted !! .

So , check your technique , check O3 is being delivered from your handpiece - run it on a latex glove for 5 secs and the latex will have cracked ( ozone denatures latex ) , or get some potassium permaganate from a chemist and ozonate this ( it will go from purple to nearly clear ) . If O3 is being produced and you are confident in your technique , get KaVo to check the O3 concentration from your unit - I know Tom Daly had a problem in this respect . All I can say is that I have had amazing success with my Healozone treatment , but it is a learning process with respect to technique . I am still experimenting and learning how to achieve seals in various situations ( liquid rubber dam is great - see my earlier post ) , but am now totally confident in treating 99% of civities with O3 .

Hope this helps calm any fears !!! ........

Richard Morrison

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