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Diabetic nueropathy and limb bagging

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Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 17:34:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Gail Naranjo wanda85929@...
Subject: An ozone miracle? maybe......

Hi Folks,

Been a lot going on in my household this past week. Don't quite know where to begin.

To give some background information regarding my husband, Mike. He is 55 and a diabetic that does not take care of himself and has had two heart attacks in which they put a stent in and also has some neuropathy. He is a very hard working man with an old fashioned work ecthique but is often so busy taking care of others he neglects to take care of himself. At the same time he is not into alternative treatment in the least. He smokes and always says, "When it's my time to go, I'll go." In the mean time he pretty much does what he wants to concerning eating whatever and the smoking. His heart attacks were due to a blood clot that broke lose and almost took his life. I can still remember how I felt standing by his hospital bed watching him fight for his life. It's just a really sick feeling.

Last Thursday evening he again ran into some trouble. I had just gotten out of the tub and he was already in bed. When I entered the bedroom, he told me to turn on the light and check his foot. He was moaning in a lot of pain. Infact, he said on a scale of 1 to 10 the pain was an 8. When I checked his foot, it was stone cold. If you've ever touched the body of a corpse, you will know what I'm talking about. I said, "Mike you don't have any circulation in your foot at all." Then I made him get up and do ozone bagging for 30 minutes. During that time the pain went from an 8 to about a 1 and 1/2! However, his foot was still like ice. Fearing a blood clot (remember his heart attacts were because of a blood clot plus we lost a niece two years ago due to a blood clot so I take them very seriously), I took him to the ER where we spend most of the night. They did an ultrasound and ruled out a clot, but he has very little blood flow to that foot. His sugar was also almost 400. I was very relieved. They gave him some medicine called pletal to help with the blood flow and told him to follow up with his family doctor.

Called the doctor the next day but his office was closed on Friday. Now all this time Mike still had pain in his calf and foot and could not feel his toes plus the foot was still cold. Every night I would make him do the ozone bagging for 30 minutes. Each time the pain would get a little better and he started feeling some tingling in his toes but for the most part they were still numb. Still we continued with the bagging.

Monday got in to see the doc. He was very concerned with the foot and said there was some blockage causing the lack of circulation and wanted him to see his cardiologist. He suspected he would need some procedure to open up the artiery. This whole thing has been as painful physically as his heart attack and just as emotional, and again each night I would make him do the bagging. Each day his foot would get just a little bit warmer. Today has been his best day since this all started.

We were able to see the cardiologist today and after reading the results of the ultrasound, he determined his leg does not have any blockage to need surgery! His assessment was it was due to the diabetes and the neuropathy.

Now here is the good news (not just the ozone working so well) I think Mike has seen the light, so to speak, and is using this as a wake up call. BEfore we would fight all the time about him always eating sugar in all kinds of forms all day long. Ofcouse, he denied it, but we both knew better. He has not had any sugar (nor should he ever but that just wasn't the case with him) since Thursday and has gotten his blood surgar down from almost 400 to 140! Not only that but he asked the doctor for some wellbutrin to aid with him stopping smoking. Wellbrutrin is actually an antidepressant that does something in the brain that makes the person not desire a cigarette. You don't quit right away. Rather take the drug for three weeks in order to get it to saturate the body, then set a stop date and stop. You can also use the patches to aid in the withdrawals. All this has been scientifically studied in a study they did several years ago. It's not a magic bullet either but a powerful aid in a helping what can and often is a very strong addiction. Still the person will have to have the desire and will to stop. It's not easy.

So that's what's been going on here. I'm so thankful he didn't lose his leg and/or life. And I'm even more thankful that this seems to truly have been a wake up call for him. My daughter asked him if he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his leg amputated sitting in the recliner smoking cigarettes. That was the fate of a very close uncle that just passed away not too long ago. She told him he was just going to have to make up his mind what he wanted in his life that we couldn't do it for him.

Anyway, thanks for the ozone knowledge and right now I just feel very thankful to all of you, too. And most of all to God. Not only has He given him a second chance with his first heart attack, but also with his second one and now this.

Blessings to all,


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