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Fibromyalgia testimony

From: Scott Berner
Date: Mon Feb 14, 2000 6:33 pm
Subject: Update on fibromyalgia


I would like to share a bit more of the success story my brother is living today. What a change in his life. He is continuing with the ozone inhalation therapy bubbling this through tea tree oil in a nebulizer and inhaling the vapor twice a day (morning and evening) for one hour each session. He did slack off for the weekend, as he had a real breakthrough and felt so much better that he slipped on his program. Not a good thing to do, but I am sure he will be "back at it" today again.

Two days ago the drainage in his sinus became overwhelming. A single incident passed a huge amount of blackened mucus, the smell of which was nauseating to him (is his report). He said that it gradually "glopped" out of his left nostril and a quantity of about half a cup or so. He is still amazed to have experienced this. The next day, as he got up in the morning, another huge "glop" of this foul black mass dropped back into his throat from the right side of his sinuses. His reaction was instant and violent as he vomitted it up in total disgust. The description of this was identical to the first mass passed. I saw him Sunday at church and he looked like a new man. We had three baptisms in our family that day, a tremendous blessing from God for which we are greatly humbled and thankful. My brother had been so excited about these events that he forgot to tell us of the wonderful success that the ozone therapy had accomplished for him. I found out last night after I mentioned he looked like he felt a lot better and asked how it was going. Needless to say, I rejoiced with him!! He still needs to keep at it untill all traces of this infection are eliminated from the entire body. He is doing hydrogen peroxide in the ears and taking a very strong tincture I made him of equal parts of cayenne/garlic/ about three tablespoons a day. He will need to take a break from the echinacea after a two week period before he can get back on it again. During that period I will try to get him on Schulze's "master tonic" of garlic, cayenne, ginger, horseradish, and onion....blended together in equal portions with apple cider vinegar. This has turned out to be a great tonic when taken in moderate amounts continually through the waking hours. The more I have taken, the better it has ill effects were noted (except it is quite hot).

Ozone is the great purifier God uses to cleanse the earth and the air we breath. It works! I am totally convinced that this is the way to go and that the use of herbs with this therapy seems to be even more effective.

His Blessings,


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