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Managing Perio in the dental office with Ozonated oils

From: "mark hampson" mark@...
Date: Tue Dec 2, 2003 12:49 pm
Subject: Re: ozone fluids


I feel the ozonated oils are an extremely useful addition to our armoury when managing perio. I have tried various other approaches as you list before and found metronidazole the least ineffective. Perio chip I abandoned.

I don't claim to be an expert in the field but have been feeling my way with them - the oils are not a substitute for good OH - the pocket areas should be clear of debris in the usual way first. My technique is, following thorough scaling / root planing I use the little optident brush syringe tips and syringe (as I find these very easy to introduce into even the tightest pocket with minimal risk of trauma) to flow the oil from the base of the pocket until it overflows round the gingival margin. This is a very quick, easy and painless procedure. I them review 1/52 later. The areas treated usually show obvious reduction in inflammation and consequent reduction in false pocketing - I feel that the reductions in pocket depth are not solely due to this and some reattachment does occur. There is usually no bleeding or pain.

Oils I find are a useful management tool or to bring back those unresponsive cases to a point where other approaches can help. It does sort out completely some previously unresponsive pockets but should not be seen as a miracle cure (but it's pretty close).

One case last week was a lady on long term anti-epileptic medication - mediocre OH & the usual gingival hypertrophy you would expect with poor OH (despite 16 years of me her nagging her)- I applied the oil here there & everywhere (patients do complain about the taste - like a chip pan - I pack them off to the newsagent for some sugar free polo mints) then reviewed last week. the gingival swelling had more than halved, and the gingivae were now pink & hard - they also didn't hurt anymore so the patient could now brush better. this hopefully is now the first step towards a long term improvement in her OH (I did promise her that if things regressed I'd repeat the chip pan taste for her - good incentive!!).

In short I'd enquire from Julian how to find a source of the oil then have a play with it - I think you may well consign your other materials to the museum shelf in the stock room.



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