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Ozonated Oil for Golden Retriever's recurring ear infection

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Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 14:06:05 -0000
Subject: Ozonated olive oil

I have an ozonated olive oil story to share. I have a Golden Retriever who is truly my best friend. She had a recurring ear infection that just would not disappear. I got her as an adult and I have a suspicion that her previous owners got rid of her because they could not afford the ongoing treatments. Traditional cleaning and meds would not help. The infection would erupt and her ear oozed badly, approximately every 8-10 weeks. Visits to the vet are very expensive for me. My vet wanted to do all types of testing...$$$$. After consulting with Saul, I scraped a little OOO into an eyedropper bottle and put it into my pocket in to warm it gently. I then put a few drops into her ear, every day for a few weeks.

Previously, while her infection was in its inactive period, the inside of her ear was never white, like the other. It always had a pinkish tinge to it.

I am so thrilled. The inside of the ear is white, there is no sign of infection. I will be putting in a few drops in prophylactically every two weeks from now on. I have no doubt that my vet would not approve of putting olive oil in a dogs ear.


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