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Ozone - very powerful analgesic for Cancer

From: "Tom Harrelson" tharrels1@...
Date: Sun Aug 29, 2004 10:50 pm
Subject: Ozone - VERY POWERFUL Analgesic

"And BTW, my wife is doing amazingly well considering "unasked for" prognoses of 3 weeks to 3 months by the medical profession back in March. She still has an incredible amount of pain, probably will be paralyzed for life but is as tough as nails and doesn't look like someone who is "dying".



Hi again! You may have ALREADY heard that Ozone is a VERY POWERFUL Analgesic. But if you haven't heard, then I've got to tell you a WONDERFUL Story about using Ozone as an Analgesic for Pain. Jerry Freeman was a CLOSE Friend, who lived in Dayton, who had become like a 2nd Dad to me and who HELPED me with the development of some of my Healing Tools.

Anyhow, a few years ago, his Wife had Cancer and when her Morphine wasn't working to ALLEVIATE her Pain. I told Jerry, that he could run his small Ozone Generator connected to the BIOREGENE Nebulizer, containing Pine Needle Oil next to her Bed on the Night Stand. After she had breathed the OZOL Vapor for a few hours, the HORRIFIC Pain was COMPLETELY GONE and she was VERY COHERENT!! I have a Newsletter about Pain, if you're NOT ABLE to have your Wife do the OZOL Inhalation Therapy, which has some SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE Ideas, which do WORK to ALLEVIATE Pain, even if ONLY for a few Days or MORE. One GOOD Example, that I'm NOW thinking about, is using the Corner of an Ice Cube on the MAJOR Pain Point.

"THANKS" for your post and for setting a GOOD Example of a LOVING Husband!!

Tom/Psa. 103:1-5.

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