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Ozone Therapy and Tuberculosis

I, Dr Shikha Aggarwal, residing in Goa, have succesfully been able to use Ozone therapy in a case of Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis patient. I feel its important to share the succes of Ozone therapy in this field. Sonam, (name changed), aged 27 years ,came to me with Milliary tuberculosis, resistant to all present medications. She was sputum positive ; suffered from moderate to severe breathlessness , anorexia ,severe cough and a weight loss of 18 kgs. She had TB for last 9 years. Looking at the seriousness of her condition, I put her on an intensive Ozone therapy course along with nutritional supplements and diet control. The prescription included daily dose of IV ozonated saline, rectal ozone, inhalation of ozonated olive oil vapours and ozone baths. Also included was multivitamins and minerals with special emphasis on vitamin A ,vitamin C, vitamin B complex , poly unsaturated fatty acids, liver tonics and a low sodium diet. After one week of treatment, she felt a relief in her breathlessness and her apetite increased. After 2 weeks her cough decreased, breathing became easier and deeper and she gained one and a half kgs. And finally after three months of treatment, she became sputum Negative. She also has by then gained three kgs more and her coughing became minimal limited only to early mornings. Currently Sonam is continuing ozone therapy as rectal and Inhalational Ozone at her home and enjoying an ever improving life.

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