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Paraplegic man recovering after I.V. ozone treatments

From: "Alex Torres M.D." dr_caury@...
Date: Thu Jun 28, 2001 2:11 pm
Subject: RE: [oxyplus] HBOT

Sorry if I am cross posting with another person, but not having the part of the E-mail that speaks about it as a reference, I suppose that this is on my last post that refers to HBOT and Ozone... Here in Mexicali we are using the application of I.V. ozone with very good results... as an example, a patient, male that was paraplegic, only moving eyes, and with the obscure prognosis of a doctor that said "Sorry for your patient, but he never will move a finger..." he is (after 2 weeks of using 30-50 c.c.. of ozone at vein) able to: Walk (with the help of crutches), talk, move his arms and legs with coarse and fine movements, able to use a cell phone (pulsing the buttons to place a call), control his sphincters (able to defecate and urinate at the bathroom.. a lot of money saved in diapers!) We apply this in a every other day basis, with an ozonator kind plasma tubes, using pure medicinal oxygen. The size of syringe barrel is 50 c.c. that can be adjusted for 20-30- or 50 c.c. Precautions? None. You can administer this ozone some quickly and none reactions. Some patients reports coughing that can be counteracted with natural orange juice but this coughing is related with the quantity of ozone vs. the corporal surface. At first, we thought that applying ozone I.V. will lead us to an embolism... for more info ask Dr. Saul Pressman, he is the master of this technique.

Alex Torres

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