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Root canal treatment and ozone oil

From: "Fadi Sabbah" fadident@...
Date: Sun Dec 19, 2004 4:41 am
Subject: Re: [healozone] Re: Root canal treatment

Sometimes we wish to have a Guinea Pig to test or experiment new things before implementing them on real patients. And who is the best Guinea but ourselves. Months ago, I broke my upper premolar and needed RCT. I didn't have yet an ozone system, I had only ozonated oil from Julian. I accessed the pulp (after a second attempt, the first perforated the mesial wall), shaped and kept the access opened on purpose so I develop a peri-apical infection. And I did. Cleaned slightly and injected the oil, keeping the cavity opened. Two days later, percussion was negative and no pain while eating. As you may expect, 3 weeks later, pain on pressure resumed. Same procedure with the oil, but this time I closed the cavity. No pain 24 hours later. It was about time I see an endodontist to fill my roots. I explained what I did, he took me for a lunatic at first, now he is on oils. Now that I have an ozone generator, I routinely gas the canals. One thing to consider, It's preferable not to use hypochlorite and O3 at the same time.

fadi sabbah

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