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Testimonials about three patients; 1 with Lymphoma, 1 with Hep C and another with Hep C/HIV

From: "Saul Pressman"
Date: Wed Oct 11, 2000 12:33 pm
Subject: Testimonials

Dear Prof,

The fellow with lymphoma had golf ball size nodules at armpit and groin, and was told he had less than three months to live. After three months, the lumps were gone, but then a couple of lumps popped out on his head, because it wasn't in the sauna. He called me up and asked what to do, as his doctor had never seen that before, and told him it was curtains for sure this time. I thought about it for a minute and then suggested he get a kitchen funnel and connect it to the tubing and funnel the lumps on his head. They were gone in three weeks. That was the first time we used the funneling technique, back in 1994. He has continued to do his saunas religiously since then. I lost contact with him, until 1998, when he called me up and needed a repair on his sauna seat. He is hale and hearty and working full time.

The lady with hep C got it from a transfusion. She was a realtor and was so debilitated that she spent more than a decade in bed. She began funneling her liver in 1995. Within three months, she was up and about and in six months she was back selling houses. She stopped doing ozone and had a relapse, and called me up. She said she felt a sensation like chewing in her liver. I immediately thought of parasites and told her to do a parasite cleanse, and start back on the ozone funneling. She did so and all her symptoms went away in about a month of daily treatment. She has been fine since then, with once a week vaginal insufflation her maintenance therapy of choice.

The guy with hep C and HIV was a single father whose day became reduced to getting the kids off to school, going back to bed till they came home, then getting up and making them supper, and then returning to bed until morning. He started using ozone in his drinking water, then funneling, and in 4 months was able to stay up all day, and even hold a part time job. Within six months, he was working as a counselor fulltime, with a heavy schedule. He has since then purchased a sauna and the Model 60 generator and reports a new, higher level of energy and enthusiasm. He has started treating people in his apartment as well, and has had some good success stories with former needle buddies.

All three of these people treated themselves in their own homes, so they were self-responsible. No one told them when to have a treatment, and they displayed excellent self-discipline in looking after their own therapy. They were some of the easiest clients I have had, because of their self-reliance.

Best of Health
Dr. Saul Pressman, DCh

"The problems of today cannot be solved using the same thinking that created them". - Einstein

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