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Treatment of cuts, abrasions and sutures

From: "Don Gibson" fangfarrier@...
Date: Tue Dec 2, 2003 11:07 am
Subject: Re: ozone fluids


I am Marks business partner and in truth we have been amazed by Julian's Ozonated sunflower oil.

I have not placed a periochip since we took delivery and now routinely prescribe its use for patients with chronic disease.

We are currently undertaking an audit of pocket depth change after use and although anecdotal at the moment it seems to halve pocket depths and totally removes inflammatory tissue.

I am also Club Dentist to Yeovil Town Football Club and have recently introduced Ozone oil to the team for self treatment of cuts and abrasions.

The players report and almost instantaneous relief of pain from wound sites and much quicker healing.

Our centre half took a scalp wound which required 9 sutures. Oil was used and the usual healing period resulted in great difficulty removing the stitches as there had been such excellent healing. Sutures are now removed on day 3-5 post injury and players are finding that a wound which would keep them out of the team in normal circumstances now does not.

Ozone is a remarkable treatment , Ozone oil is equally remarkable and comes with our highest recommendation.

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